What is a Vole Eliminator?


The Vole Eliminator helps control and exterminate any rodent infestation. It is a simple, innovative device that you place anywhere in your yard, field or barn where there is a problem. The device attracts and lets you exterminate mice, rats, moles, voles and other rodents from ruining your land by getting rid of them altogether with it’s unique extermination system.

It is so effective at controlling and exterminating rodents and other voles that we will offer you a risk free guarantee for our product. We guarentee that it will get rid of your rodent, mole, rat, or pest problem quickly and safely. If you don't like it or if you feel it isn't solving your problem, simply return it within 30 days of the purchase date for a full refund, no questions asked. If you have a rat, mole, pest, vole or rodent infestation than get rid of them today using our unique Vole Eliminator, the one and only complete vole exterminater. Getting rid of your pest, rat and or mole problem is simple. Get the Vole Eliminator now. Ridding your yard of annoying pests doesn't have to be hard work. Get the Vole Eliminator and get rid of your backyard pests today.


Vole Eliminator

How does the device work?


For the best extermination results install the Vole Eliminator by placing two of the units in your yard at least 50 feet apart from each other. Two devices are included with your purchase and the use of both of them is recommended to best control the voles and get rid of your pest and rodent problem once and for all! This extermination technique is safe and effective, even in the worst cases. If rodents, rats, moles, voles and other pests are taking over your yard then you need the Vole Eliminator.

In order to effectively exterminate the rodents, place the two units in your yard in a location where you predict to have the most damage done by the various moles, rats, voles and other pests you have and need to exterminate. You simply secure the device to the ground with a stake, bait it, and screw on the safety cap. It does the rest on its own.  It couldn't be simpler to exterminate rodents, voles, rats, moles, and other pests than that!

The Eliminator can be baited either by a professional, licensed pest control expert or the home owner. Both will result in the effective control of a vole problem with the device. Get rid of your mole, rat and other pest probelm for good, today!


Vole Eliminator

The Vole Eliminator really works!

Controlling your problem will no longer be an issue. You will be amazed with how incredibly effective the Eliminator is at exterminating rodents in the most humane manner available.  The system attracts rats, mice, and other burrowing pests with the fatal bait which goes into  effect by the time they return to their den. Learn why the Vole Eliminator is the rodent extermination and vole control of choice for your home or place of business. It will get rid of the pests once and for all.

We offer a full, 30 day, money back guarantee.  If you're not fully satisfied with the vole control of our product or it’s effectiveness at rodent extermination within 30 days, simply return it and we will completely refund your money, no questions asked. Absolutely guaranteed!